Leadership And Leadership Practices And Expectations

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There was research set up in the early 1980’s to determine what it takes to become an effective leader. The researchers wanted to know how ordinary men and women practiced their skills while they were in leadership. The analysis consisted of surveys that covered thousands of cases over a few years. The research revealed consistent leadership practices and expectations. Research has shown that leadership can be learned, and there are ten basic lessons on what it When you ask most people how they became great leaders, they say “trial and error.” It appears indeed that great leaders come from experience. Great leaders are pioneers who take risks in life. When challenges arise, there are people who take the opportunities for…show more content…
Therefore, there is a possibility that there are leadership qualities in everyone, and a belief that ordinary people can perform extraordinary to make sure that things get done. The person just has to believe in his or her abilities and have the confidence in them and themselves. When developing leadership you have to remove the barriers that are self-imposed or placed by others. Leadership can be an emotional process. It requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice to bring a dream to reality. People will not follow a leader who they feel is unsure of themselves or their abilities. To be a good leader, you should have your mind focused on the task at hand. I read an online article about the director, Ava Du Vernay. She was the director of the acclaimed movie “Selma,” and she is taking on television with an adaptation of the book “Queen Sugar.” She is a great filmmaker, but these days there is a renaissance of the golden age of television. Things are happening and being shown on television that are stunning and changing our culture. If you are a storyteller, you want to be a part of that. Embracing diversity and complexity is an increasingly important part of leadership. Multiculturalism is the understanding and acceptance of others who may not be like you. But in Hollywood, the voice of the white male is the dominant voice. When you talk about the portrayals of black people and women in film, you want the
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