Leadership And Leadership Styles Than I Learned

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I have learned much more about leadership and leadership styles than I knew before I started my learning experience with LIB 100, LIB 341, MGT 345, LIB 312, LIB 380 and PA390. Most importantly, I learned a lot more about my own leadership style and how I’m perceived as a leader from my employees at work. I used the PA390 leadership assessment questionnaires and exercises with my team at work, their feedback and responses have helped me provide some insight and learn more about my leadership values and style. These exercises and further reflection helped me see the connections to my situational leadership style at times also. It’s always enlightening to learn how others see you vs. our own perception of ourselves. Using the…show more content…
In addition to PA 390, there have been many key learning opportunities throughout my earlier course studies. In LIB 100 I learned what liberal education is and how it impacts me, it provides a foundation for a healthy and democratic society. One of the most important things I learned through the LIB 100 class was that I started to exercise my brain to think and analyze in a different way than I probably would have in the past. Tying in the readings throughout the discussion board posts, writing in a more structured format and open discussions through class have opened me to see things in a bit of a different light. This change in thinking and analyzing concepts and principles in the various frameworks we have worked with isn’t necessarily a colossal mind shift or revelation, but rather a subtle change in looking at issues, leaving me with the excitement of exploring thoughts and ideas and communicating them in a slightly different and more effective manner. Having the foundational knowledge of liberal education has sparked my critical thinking, helped my ability to write persuasively and speak clearly.
In LIB 201 I gained an in depth understanding of the diversity issues we face on a regular basis. Diversity thrives in the United States, the people of the US are a fusion of various races, cultures and religions throughout all parts of the world. There isn’t any one race, religion or culture that makes someone more “American” than someone else.
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