Leadership And Learning Organization Organizations

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Introduction This assignment is based on the subject The Learning Organization. It explores Leadership and Learning, how they are connected to each other, and how learners get themselves involved in leadership behaviors. Leaders are constantly learning by themselves. This assignment also explores three ways to be a great leader: Knowing, going and showing the way.

Learning Organization
In a learning organization companies must deal with globalization and many other changes in business, technology, the environment, and development in information. A company must be able to prepare and adapt to any type of change that it is faced with. In order to do this it must ensure its members are prepared for any type of change. When changes are implemented a company must set up criteria to appraise the changes. It must create alternatives and adopt the change that works best for the company and all those involved with the company.

In the modern world employees need more then just rules to follow. Employees need a purpose. Following rules does not necessarily make an employee perform well. Having a good leader (not a boss) which employees can be inspired by is of high importance in any company. Leaders have to lead by good example and behavior. An example of one of the most well known leaders of all time is Jesus Christ. He was an example of Leader who has been followed for generations of people and he created and demonstrated the way of life in…
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