Leadership And Legacy Of Alice Paul

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Sam Grootenboer NHD Paper- Leadership and Legacy 12/15/14 Alice Paul was a leader in the suffragist movement, and she left a legacy for more women in the future. She was born in New Jersey and had a social work and law degree. She founded the Congressional Union for Woman Association, and continued to founding many things after that. She founded the World Women’s Party, which gave women equal rights, and that left a legacy for women all over the world. Some of the things that she did to gain this right were controversial, and many people disagreed and she was punished for things on more than one occasion. Alice Paul was an influential leader in women’s rights. She was able to gain them the right to vote, but she had to go through many punishments in order to accomplish and gain that right, but when it happened, she became known as an influential leader for women’s rights. Alice Paul and the other women marched in the inauguration parade when Woodrow Wilson was president. They needed to march down certain streets in order to raise awareness about women’s rights, and that’s what they did. "..They would give us a permit for 16th street .We had asked for Pennsylvania Avenue, having been told by almost everybody we asked that that was the critical avenue where you always had your processions, from the Capitol to the White House, and that no one would pay much attention if we went down 16th street. (Fry).” They had a permit to march down 16th street,
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