Leadership And Management And Leadership

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Leadership is a term that is often misunderstood and misinterpreted in the business world. In the world of CEOs, CFOs, vice-presidents and managers, it is important to distinguish the difference between what is considered management and what is considered leadership. While these two terms are not mutually exclusive, but it is imperative that they are not comprehended as mutually inclusive either.
In this context, I will be comparing leadership and management as presented in the college textbook, MGMT: Principles of Management. I will then explain why I believe that measuring leadership in a limited number of theories and styles is incorrect, as well as unhelpful and why focusing on Strength-based leadership is more appropriate when talking about the application of leadership within everyday business. Additionally, I will give real-life examples of leadership approaches in business by presenting information gathered from interviews with three professionals. Through the comparison, as well as through providing examples, a better understanding of what leadership is will be gained. Management is the process of “getting work done through others.” Leadership, on the other hand, is “the process of influencing others to achieve group or organization goals.” Chuck Williams explains that leaders are more concerned about doing the right things, while managers are concerned with making sure they are doing things right. This begs the question, “what does this mean?” Leader is more
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