Leadership And Management Approach & Challenges

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Leadership and Management Approach & Challenges
Share Our Strength’s leadership style is based on shared leadership (Crutchfield & McLeod Grant, 2012). From the start the leadership has been a joint effort. The founders are a brother and sister team, Bill and Debbie Shore (Crutchfield & McLeod Grant, 2012). This style of management has continued through the development of the organization. The leadership is divided between the founders, president, CFO, executive vice president, multiple offices, multiple senior directors, the board, and a leadership counsel (Share Our Strength n.d.). The leadership being divided between a wide variety of people helps to provide varied opinions and ideas when approaching the goals of the organization.
With the shared responsibility of leadership comes challenges. The primary challenges Share Our Strength has faced are of program ideas flopping. One of these programs was called “Taste of the Game”. This program was designed to engage athletes in the fight to end hunger. Unfortunately when the day came for the event to occur weather did not permit the event to happen, being it was outdoors. Additionally, the athletes had less enthusiasm about the connection to food than the chefs the organization traditionally partners with. Due to the failure of the program launch Share Our Strength discontinued the program (Crutchfield & McLeod Grant, 2012). Another program that Share Our Strength attempted to develop that failed was called Dine Across
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