Leadership And Management Approaches For Nursing

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Turnover is defined as the movement of employees from being hired to leaving the current position voluntarily and not staying with the organization (Reference.com, 2013). According to Booyens 64% of turnover can be avoidable compared to 36% of turnover considered to be unavoidable due to marriage, pregnancy, and other life events. (Booyens, S. (2007). Turnover. Cape Town: Juta & Co, Ltd.). Nursing shortages and turnover continuous to present critical challenges in the all levels of healthcare. Several factors explain the cause of nursing turnover. Most of the time nurses supposed to work under stressful conditions for long hours, which can lead to job burnout and dissatisfaction results in making mistakes and errors can affect in quality…show more content…
The effective manager is a good leader and in the fast –paced environment leadership skill is necessary for a manager. A good manager identifies the need of her staffs and patients. Managers are also responsible for poorly performed tasks and must therefore ensure that nurses perform their jobs well and accurately. They are responsible for recognizing the differences of education, skill mix and competencies of their staff and utilizing and rewarding according to their competencies. .Duffield, Roche, Blay, and Stasa (2011) studied 2488 nurses across Australia, and results also confirmed that staff job satisfaction and satisfaction with nursing was integrally related to their perception of their nurse manager. For example, When nurses are assigned to longer shifts or a particularly large group of patients, the manager should ensure that the nurse receives enough recovery time off before entering another shift. When they do the difficult task or procedure they need to be recognized. Whenever there is a career opportunities provide guidance, ,motivation and encouragement to increase the confidence. Leadership plays an important role in chaotic health care environment. A leader is the one who works with the team to develop and achieve the future goals and objectives. (Yoder-Wise 35.). Unlike manager’s leaders doesn’t have the authority to get others do things. Leadership is more about how people behave and how people engage with others.
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