Leadership And Management At Texas Tech Athletics

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This course has taught me many things about leadership and management in the work place. I have learned that it is extremely important that a leader understand his employees and how certain leadership styles will work more or less effectively on that particular person. Leaders influence people to work to achieve the organizations objectives, so it is vital that a leader has vision for the organization so they can effectively steer the organization down that path. As an employee for Texas Tech Athletics, I have the privilege of working under great leaders while I attend school. By playing sports for my whole life, and with my various work experience I have seen many leaders in action. I have developed my own style of managing and leadership that draws from each of the people who have influenced me. I would consider myself to be a democratic leader. A democratic leader encourages employee participation in decisions, works with them to determine what to do, and doesn’t supervise them closely. I believe as a leader you set the standard of what it means to work hard, effectively, and efficiently. To be an effective leader, you need feedback on what you’re doing, so you can make improvements. By allowing employees to participate in decision-making processes they feel empowered to work and feel like they are contributing to the success of the organization. A leader also shows his employees what to do, by showing them how to properly achieve what I have set as a standard; I need to

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