Leadership And Management At The Workplace

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Though Madison makes a point to engage with all of his staff in the organization, he could improve morale of the few employees that may feel less important within the company. By doing so, this would afford members to have an opportunity to complete field work to increase a sense of responsibility and achievement within the organization. With the six employees that Madison consistently rely on, his leadership with them would fall under phase three. Madison clearly has formed a trusting dyadic relationship with these employees. Though Glenda and Annie could be titled supervisors, they assist Madison monitoring the staff that are unable to keep up with the report demands due to better management and assist with the overall goal of the organization. In-Group and Out-Group Northouse (2015), describe leaders that work with an in-group allows them to accomplish more tasks in an effective manner. Followers in this category are willing to do more and look for innovative ways to advance the group goals (Northouse, 2015). By doing so, leaders give more responsibilities and opportunities to these followers within the organization by providing more of their time through support (Northouse, 2015). In comparison, Northouse (2015) stated members that work within a out-group function stringently within their set organizational roles. Followers do what is required of them, but don’t go above and beyond their responsibilities (Northouse, 2105). Leaders treat out-group members with
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