Leadership And Management : How Good Leadership Can Be A Better Leader?

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Leaders come from many different backgrounds, have different approaches, and have different styles than other leaders. Every person has something that makes them unique. Over the semester, we have learned about many different aspects of leadership and management. Putting it all together now I can analyze the three leaders and managers that I interviewed and determine their differences and similarities to what my textbooks have taught me. Leadership is often thought of as a trait that cannot be taught, but it actually can be. There are many techniques, and skills that can be learned to make a person be a better leader. Some of these skills can include communication, time management, good analysis, organization and so on. The first person I interviewed is a great example of how good leadership can be acquired overtime. Michael Patrick is a team lead at Kone Cranes in Springfield, Ohio. He has worked there for many years, but he hasn’t always been in a leadership position. Starting out Michael was just an average worker, who showed his skills to be worth more than just an average worker bee within the company. But it wasn’t just his skills that he learned over time with in the company, he learned the skills necessary to be a great leader. When interviewing Michael, the first question I asked was “What qualities other than knowledge makes you fit for the job?” His response was “My attitude and passion”. Michael claims that you must have the right attitude when going in to be

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