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Leadership Verses Management The world is made up of leaders and managers. There are leaders and managers in every aspect of life. In many instances leadership and management are referred to as being the same. This paper will evaluate the differences between leadership and management. In today 's organizations, leaders and managers are needed in order to operate successfully. Even though managers and leaders are different, they both have many similarities that will be discussed in this paper.
Roles of Leadership and Management The leadership role is very important in any organization. Leaders are there to help influence individuals or groups in achieve the common goals of the organization. Leaders need to have a variety of characteristics to ensure that the job is done efficiently and effectively as possible. Leaders must be able to coach the people they are leading. They should also be confident in their abilities to lead. On the other hand managers are like a mirror of a leader. Managers focus on communicating rules, exercise executive, administrative and supervisory direction to the individual or group within the organization. Most managers don 't have a personal relationship with the employees. They are there to maintain the task of the day to day operations. It 's the manager job to be task-oriented whether than focusing on the people. Leaders need to be creative in order to keep the instance of the individual or group. It is important they know how to
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