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As we know that, leadership is nothing. But the influencing flowers. Leadership includes three fundamental clusters of skills creating vision, garnering commitment to that vision, an managing progress toward the realization of that vision. powerful and effective leaders plays very vital role to reach the maximum production for any organization.

This is why, Organizational renowned scholars have been studying of this very significant topic of leadership for literally hundreds of years. Because. It is very complex, not simple one.

According to Chester I Bernard in his book "Organization and Management" leadership is one kind of quality of behavior which guides people to their tasks in organized effort. Another scholar Secker Hudson in his book "Organization and Management", he defined, leadership is nothing but influencing sub-ordinate works to achieve the organizational goal (maximum productivity).

Since, we know every leader must deal with three important tasks, people, task and environment. Each task is different from another. This is why, the leaders have to different in different situations.

There are four by which a leader can influence sub-ordinate workers. These are the following. (i) power influence (ii) Trait (iii) Behavior and (iv) Contingency and situational.

First of all is power influence:- Power means ability to do something. The term of power is not related to authority. A man can apply power, in absence of authority also. Very renowned scholar
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