Leadership And Me : A Holistic Approach

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Leadership and Me: A Holistic Approach
The purpose of this paper is to reflect and make an analysis of the general strengths and weaknesses of a leader, provide recommendations, thoughts of overall performance to improve on this person’s leadership style in which practices and theories were utilized most effectively. Upon such, draw conclusions and provide an integration of this leadership practice into my own leadership practice. The accomplishment of this will be achieved by identifying several key practices from published documents surrounding and encompassing the leader, and comparing them to known relative concepts for a holistic view of the approach.
A person of interest that sparks spirit, and innovativeness, to change and improve the process with a vision by risk taking, is General George S. Patton Jr., or also known as Mr. Blood and Guts. The reason this individual draws my attention is a long history with my psyche, in that, I can remember playing him in the sandbox with my friends as a child, and later in life, during a time of reevaluation of my methods, taking a Myers and Briggs test I took that measured a person’s personality. This test concluded that I possess five percent of the population’s personality, in that it was more comparable to charismatic General Patton, as an ESTP or Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perception (the Entrepreneur) type. A few others who fall into this personality type is Alexander the Great, John F. Kennedy, and
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