Leadership And My Middle School Career

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Leadership and I, we’ve brushed shoulders a lot. There are the times I’ve confronted it, like the time I took the reigns on a School Club Project, and the times I’ve tried to avoid it, much like the times I have tried, to no avail, to gain experience and “power” whilst avoiding it. And then there are times I have tried to understand it with Google searches, Bing searches, Chrome searches, Wikepedia searches, Dictionary searches, and even Leader inquiries. The conclusion I had reached: there was no definition. Sure, there are the Google, Bing, Chrome, Wikepedia, and Leader definitions, but these characteristics don’t apply to everyone. In order to understand Leadership, you have to understand a Leader. To understand a Leader, you have to understand yourself. In my middle school career, I have been encouraged to delve into the “life” of leadership. In sixth grade, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Luginbuhl, and Ms. Mandirola strove to let me experience Leadership, and with that, success and failure. The next year, in seventh grade, Ms. Reynolds, Mrs. Jennings, and Mr. Kapner brought projects and ideas out, and again let me experience Leadership, and the success and failure that accompany it. But I knew, going into eighth grade, from the very first day, that it would be different. In every class, every teacher has put forth Leadership opportunities. And this year, they offered me something different. In November 2015, I was approached by Mrs. Bohan, Ms. Dewey, and Mr. Kapner. They asked me…

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