Leadership And My Middle School Career

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Leadership and I, we’ve brushed shoulders a lot. There are the times I’ve confronted it, like the time I took the reigns on a School Club Project, and the times I’ve tried to avoid it, much like the times I have tried, to no avail, to gain experience and “power” whilst avoiding it. And then there are times I have tried to understand it with Google searches, Bing searches, Chrome searches, Wikepedia searches, Dictionary searches, and even Leader inquiries. The conclusion I had reached: there was no definition. Sure, there are the Google, Bing, Chrome, Wikepedia, and Leader definitions, but these characteristics don’t apply to everyone. In order to understand Leadership, you have to understand a Leader. To understand a Leader, you have to…show more content…
At is in this way that I was invited to go to Bonstingl’s Leaders for the Future© event, also referred to as Enfield’s First Invitational Youth Leadership Summit. On the first day of the event, we made introductions and got to know the other teams, from both Enfield and Stafford. Then, Mr. Bonstingl introduced us to the “Qualities of Leadership.” Many of these describe the actions of Leaders, but there were a few that involved the mind and perception. These are what really make up Leaders; from here, a representative from the LEGO© corporation talked to us about the business world! We proceeded, then, to talk (in our groups) about our schools. We spoke of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Then, (you guessed it!) we talked about how to improve these. And how do you? In a school, you have the students, the faculty, and the property. It is fairly safe to say that the property and faculty aren’t the problem. They’ve been here, and will be here, for (hopefully) a long time. This then isolated the students. Again, it is pretty safe to say that it isn’t the physicalities of the students; this leaves the contaminant- their mindsets. If thought about, this unleashes a wealth of problems- you cannot easily change someone’s mindset. So, back to the drawing board. This is when this question is asked: “What differentiates a successful student from an underperforming or unsuccessful student?” The answer we came up with- Leadership. A
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