Leadership And Organization Culture Of A School

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A school community is empowered by its leadership team to excel by the way the leadership team interacts with every person it comes in contact with. Every single interaction becomes like cells in the body, swimming towards the heart of the school and its singular purpose: Children. People, singular or in groups, can be as dynamic as the many system of the body, each with its own primary function but also each with its true purpose in sustaining equilibrium. The Leadership and Organization Culture of a school is a conundrum, something less tangible than the black and white policies written in a manual. While these aspects of leadership culture, even defined, can be difficult to explain, it is best for a leader to attempt an explanation then it is for a leader to remain silent to the school’s community need for a greater understanding of its deeper operations. Here is a brief attempt, if not flawed, at articulating the characteristics of a strong leadership and organization culture. ___________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Relationships Build Powerful Cultures “The answer is not law, but relationship” (Brennan 77). This is a powerful reflection from a preacher who once was a school teacher. The premise of his argument is structured around the idea that the laws (rules) in his classroom did not change the behavior of his students until his students understood how much he loved them. Relationships count in every aspect
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