Mountaire Organizational Development

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Leadership and Organizational Development
• During Q4, selection criteria for Mountaire University, was improved and refined to allow for a more focused selection process. Twenty-eight (28) employees were selected for the program. Communication and class registrations for Mountaire University will occur during the first quarter.
• Training was conducted for the executive team that provided an over view of specific courses currently being utilized as part of Mountaire’s Six Pillars program. During the quarter, a review of Mountaire’s Operational Excellence course was facilitated.
• During Q4, twelve (12) employees participated in Operational Excellence training facilitated by Stephen Hand.
• During Q4, two (2) sessions of the Arbinger: Core course were delivered for the organization. Stephen Hand served as the principal instructor for both sessions which provided development for thirty (30) people. During the 2015-2016 fiscal year, David Vargas, Jr., will be trained and licensed to facilitated Arbinger content for the Mountaire Organization. David will partner with Stephen Hand to facilitate Arbinger upon his certification.
• Eight (8) sessions of the Arbinger: Foundations course were facilitated for the organization during Q4. As a result of this effort, seventy-nine (79) employees received development in this area.
• In an effort to increase competencies in executive presence and presentation skills among leaders of the organization, Mountaire continued its
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