Leadership, And, Risk And Facilitation

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This essay will discussed the leadership practices such as power, risk and facilitation. The reason for this is because leadership is a multifaceted occurrence which involved individual, social and organizational processes (Centre for leadership studies, 2004, research 1, p. 6). With these manners, the public are enthused to achieve group objectives without being forced. In the next section, this paper will discuss how leadership is in fact a process rather than a position which involved the whole society. The section will continue to confer how power is actually similar to the process of leadership, it is fairly distributed to all parties and not only depending on the structural position. The second section will discuss leaders love to take risks no matter the condition is. The last section will converse how facilitation plays a role in the leadership process especially in making decisions and taking actions which both involve risk. This essay is structured this way because it is crucial to explain leadership as a process first as it involves the interaction between leaders and members in making a move and the risk surrendering the power to make sense associated with it hence it comes next and lastly, facilitation to help the whole process of leadership.

Leadership is a process rather than a position.
The title above grabs my attention the most during our first lecture. All this while I thought that leaders are the people formally positioned high up the

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