Leadership And State The Differences Between Leading And Managing

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Define leadership and state the differences between leading and managing. Defined, leadership is, “a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013, p. 462). Leaders have the capability to set and achieve goals, to take immediate action in complex situations, and they willingly take risks. For this reason, self-confidence, communication skills, management of others, and a willingness to embrace change are qualities possessed by good leaders. Leaders and managers have very different qualifications, and both are crucial to achieving success in an organization. Leaders are not always exceptional managers, and managers often do not have the traits of a strong leader.…show more content…
Consequently, they have created an organization that will be inhibited to grow. Therefore, a positive leadership trait such as task competence, one of the only positive traits exhibited by Jack Griffin while at the Meredith Corporation, is essential to organizational growth. By exhibiting task competence, Jack Griffin was able to lead the organization in its transformation to a digital advertising conglomerate. This transformation enabled Meredith Corporation to provide a relevant product offering that met consumer demands. As a result, Meredith Corporation experienced double-digit growth during an economic downturn in the advertising industry. For this reason, Jack Griffin appeared to be the ideal candidate to replace Ann Moore as CEO of the publishing unit at Time Inc. (Carr, 2010). However, during his employment at Time Inc., Jack Griffin revealed negative leadership traits such as a high level of arrogance by requiring a masthead in each issue, resulting in additional costs of millions of dollars annually. Additionally, by choosing to seek information from consultants outside of the company, he chose to not seek the input of seasoned team members within the organization. Unfortunately, these qualities did not correspond with the teamwork and group decision-making that is a trademark of the Time Warner corporate culture. (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013, p. 465) Which of Peter Drucker’s tips were violated by Jack Griffin? An effective leader will
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