Leadership And Strategic Decision Making

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Leadership and Strategic Decision-Making in Social Movement Organizations

Throughout history, social movement organizations (SMO) have been actively involved in their community’s seeking to mobilize others and gain resources in order to achieve their goals. It is important to study how SMO achieve their goals to understand the strategic decision-making process and leadership that movements develop for success.

This study aims to investigate the interaction and processes of strategic decision-making and leadership by social movement organizations.
The investigation will involve three major theories, rational action theory (Chong, 2014 and Junker, 2014), social movement habitus (Crosssely, 2003), and strategic
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Individuals make strategic decisions based on life experiences and interactions with other people. Hence, culture, religion, work, background, etc. can influence strategic decision-making. Strategic capacity can also develop effective strategies under conditions in which strategists are highly motivated, enjoy access to diverse sources of salient knowledge, and employ deliberative practices committed to learning (Ganz, 2010). Rational action theory, social movement habitus, and strategic leadership capacity gives a more detailed structure into how social movement organizations leaders make strategic decisions based on benefits and life experiences to achieve their goals. Therefore, I argue that rational action theory, social movement habitus, and strategic leadership capacity identifies the reasoning and rational of how strategic decision-making evolves and how leadership is formed to enhance the power and resources of a social movement organization. Strategic decision making and leadership is fundamental for understanding what happens at the micro-level of individuals and their interactions in order to evaluate and improve our theories at the macro level of movements, states, revolutions, and so on (Jasper: 4).

To study strategic decision-making and leadership, there are five objectives and goals
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