Leadership And Teams : Conformity

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Leadership and Teams – Conformity
Conformity continues to be an expectation and need in many groups. The ability for a group to resolve differences or come up with the required conclusion could require that one or more people in the group need to conform with a premise that the majority considers. This paper will present answers to the following questions. Does the desire to be accepted as a part of a group leave one susceptible to conforming to the group’s norms? Can a group exert pressure that’s strong enough to change a member’s attitudes and behavior? How does one particular leadership model interact with the most important performance outcomes with regard to teams? What can be used from this analysis to assist in being a better manager? How would a leader who was following the tenets of the leadership model interact with the members of his or her team in order to maximize the strengths of work teams in general while mitigating the pitfalls of such teams? In my time in the military and my lengthy time working in the medical and manufacturing industries, I have come to realize that a cohesive team makes strong decisions and that these decisions are not always agreed upon 100% by all participants. At the conclusion of this paper it will present information that answers the requested questions and provide an opportunity to learn and become a better manager because of the information.
It seems that many people that construct teams are weary of
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