Leadership And The Effects Of Globalization

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Leadership and the Effects of Globalization
Abdullah Aldahhan
HSA 5150

There are several changing trends in the world today that will effect leadership and management. These trends revolve on the issue of globalization and the ever-expanding world. In a sense, the world is becoming smaller as it expands because of the advance in technology and the increasing uniformity in business and the inter-connecting economies of the world. Terry Hogan (2013) mentions that in the very short period of 100 years, from the year 1950 to 2050, the population of the world will more than triple. It will increase from approximately 2.5 billion to over 9 billion people. “Along with the shifting locus of the world’s population has become a watershed change in the balance of global GDP” (Hogan 2013). This great and dramatic boom in the world’s population is leading to the unprecedented growth of cities in developing countries and emerging business markets. This growth and shift population locale from rural to urban environments has a major impact on all aspects of leadership in all the world’s markets, including healthcare.
Charles Ray (2010) describes the effect of globalization on leadership by focusing on two main aspects of leadership: leadership and personnel management. Ray believes that globalization greatly complicates the planning process. “Establishing a clear vision in a closed market is a matter of understanding the environment and customers, and for a company that
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