Leadership And The One Minute Manager

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“Leadership and The One Minute Manager” written exclusively by Ken Blanchard, Patricia Zigarmi and Drea Zigarmi strictly focuses on leadership in a firm and the allowance of a minute in a day in recognition for the hard work done by workers. This book discusses the different levels that a leader must be willing to go to in order to maintain a promising relationship amongst all employees. The emphasis on “different strokes for different folks” is vividly present throughout the book as Blanchard and Zigarmi use different circumstances to help the reader plant the various techniques used in leadership. To begin with, the authors are crystal clear when it comes down to laying out the blueprint the requirements needed for a successful leader. Stepping into any profession requires patience and clear thinking. The authors mention “taking a minute out each day of your leadership can really make a difference between a good and a bad leader”. Throughout the book, the authors step into depth explaining why it is necessary for the leaders to take just one minute out of their day to notice any noteworthy changes in relationship within the firm. By being packaged in the box the entire day and not thinking and stepping out the box, it can cause delays in work and/or possibly an unsuccessful firm. The authors move on to speaking about the different levels of management and the flexibility that occurs at those various levels. In continuation, the authors explain the importance of having
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