Leadership And The Transformational Leadership

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leadership, she was able to create the transformational leadership to serve the greater good by creating value and positive change in her followers which developed them to be leaders. During this time in the US, Blacks were not regarded favorably and to be a black educated female leader, there had to be a lot of Challenging of the Process in order to make change. During a time when it was not the norm to have separate from your spouse. Bethune and her husband Albertus did not agree with her dreams so he left her to return back to N.C. and they never got back together again. In 1904 with $1.50 and her small son Bethune relocated to Daytona Beach after reading about what Brooker T. Washington was doing pertaining to education of blacks she was inspired to open her own school. Many people tried to discourage her to not to go to Daytona because of the living condition of the black laborers in the area. Many of them lived in poverty much like slavery and the Ku Klux Klan were known for committing violent acts against anyone who tried to better African Americans.
However, Bethune was not intimidated and on October 3rd, 1904 opened the doors of the Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute for Negro Girls. Her rent was 11 dollars a month and she would charge the small group of young ladies fifty cents a week for tuition. The local black community and church fully supported Bethune by taking up collections and selling chicken dinners to support the school food bill. To offset
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