Leadership And Virtue Of A Leader

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Leadership and Virtue
Leadership is that many people aspire to get them. It gives strength, greatness, and prestige for its leader. In spite of all the features offered by the leadership, it is not an easy tasks. “What are the qualities of a leader? For Aristotle there were three: ethos, pathos, and logos. The ethos is his moral character and the source of his ability to convince others; the pathos is his ability to touch feelings and move people emotionally; the logos is his ability to give solid reasons for particular actions and, therefore, to move people intellectually.” (DeMarco, 1998). There are certain conditions that must be available in a leader such as virtue. The virtue here intended knowledge as described by Aristotle in his theory of ethic philosophy (Aristotle (n.d). Virtue Ethics. In Ciulla (Eds.), The ethics of leadership (PP.55-63), (P, 55).
Aristotle had a theory about the virtue that it comes to control desires of men. Since human studies ethic depends on actions of a group, he/she prefers to have virtue. Virtue is what person thinks it the right while it derives him/her to happiness. Happiness for Aristotle is not pleasure, it is an activity. Aristotle said all good and successful people own virtue (Brown, 2013). In addition, he did not see any difference between ethic and effective. He believed that virtue is the thing that a person has the ability to decide to have it if he/she starts to practice it (Aristotle (n.d). Virtue Ethics. In Ciulla (Eds.),
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