Leadership As A Fundamental Learning Tool

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Leadership Project Movies identified to the topic of leadership serve as a fundamental learning tool. When conducting this leadership project the following movies were used: Patch Adams, A Few Good Men, The Lion King, and The Social Network. After watching the movies each one was thoroughly analyzed on the type of leadership style portrayed in the film. Many movies contain characters that exhibit leadership qualities or circumstances that provide insights and can help you explore some excellent examples of leadership. Based on a true story of Hunter "Patch" Adams, the founder of the Gesundheit Clinic, a facility which manages their patients with pathos and humor. The film begins with Patch admitting himself as a patient in a mental hospital. While there, he discovered he loved helping the patients and observed the staff to be emotionless and would separate themselves from the patients. Vowing to change things, he discharges himself from the facility and went to the Virginia Medical College. His untraditional approaches cast him up against numerous of the doctors and deans of the college, in spite of him getting some of the highest grades in his class. Recognizing that numerous underprivileged individuals were not being treated fairly, as a student he started the Gesundheit Clinic to help the individuals who were not getting appropriate treatment at the hospital. In any case, this brought him up before the Medical Review Board for practicing without a license. Patch is
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