Leadership As A Good Leader

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“The real leader has no need to lead—he is content to point the way” as quoted by Henry Miller. Hence, a great leader will epitomize the qualities of vision, dependability, compassion, hardworking and honesty. The process of leadership at its core can be discerned whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. (pg.5) In all paths of life some application of leadership can be observed though the best version is never certain depending on the circumstances. Leadership should be situational depending on whatever is happening or the needs of the team are at the time. In this paper, I will discuss my experience in years past in a setting of both transformational leadership.
My leadership “Aha! Moment” occurred on a trip to Food Lion for groceries where after observing the environment of the employees, a thought was sparked on what the best leadership approach might be based on my exposure thus far to both an innovative leader and an apathetic leader. Prior to taking this class, I had never really thought about the reality of the different leadership approaches that are taken by people in various management positions, sometimes without the leader even knowing what type of leadership approach they are fulfilling by their actions. In this moment, I began to compare my experiences at two different locations of work to each other. Many times through the course of this semester several concepts, in relation to the various leadership approaches that we…
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