Leadership As A Leader And A Manager

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The leader innovates where a manager directs; a manager sustains what has already been created. Leadership is not what you do-it’s what others do in response to you, retaining control over people by aiding in the development their own abilities and bringing out their talents (Jaynes, 2015). Mangers have underlings while Leaders have followers; leaders do not have underlings. To lead is to have follower, following is a chosen pursuit. There can and are superior and terrible leaders, and there can and are be superior and terrible managers. Comparing how the two different positions may be related. A definition is needed to assist leaders and manager to comprehend how to accomplish excellence in doing what they have to do. Due to the fact that many people are both a leader and a manager it is often times quite difficult to distinguish between the two. Managers are controllers of systems, resources; all the while leading teams to achieve goals. Referring to each ability’s to motivate, influence and contribute to success is the role of a leader. Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right. – Professor Warren G. Bennis (Jaynes, 2015) One Skill, Two Skill; One Over the Other Modeling the way In modeling the way, I try to be the best example that I can be, whether it’s my personal life or professional life. When leading my crew, I try my best to be a part of the training not only because I feel to better understand what my crew does, I
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