Leadership As A Leader And Sustaining Leadership Requires Experience

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My definition of leadership is having the ability to empower, enable and influence others to achieve a specific goal through building relationships, respect and two-way communication. I as a leader work my best to empower others by giving them a level of decision-making autonomy that they (and I as a leader) are comfortable with. Then, of course, you must enable them by first understanding their strengths/weaknesses then providing them with the best tools to enhance their strengths and build up over their weaknesses over time. Being influential sometimes carries a negative connotation but it is all positive in leadership. Being able to encourage and motivate others toward a common goal leads to positive results. This is a very challenging task for a leader who often must deal with several unique personalities.
I tend to agree with the criticism that Northouse (p. 31) lists which basically states that leadership is based on situations. Yes, certain traits play a significant role in grooming a leader but sustaining leadership requires experience. Those who have become great leaders were afforded the opportunity to do so and had some level of mentoring or training along the way. Although I do not consider myself a great leader, I do have the confidence to lead in many situations. That confidence is a direct result of the experience i have gained through leading. In my humble opinion, the only way to learn to lead is by getting on that horse and lead.
What I value in

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