Leadership As A Leader And The Role

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A leader in the most basic definition is a person or thing that leads. There are many ways to be identified as a leader and the role can be formal and come with a position or role or be informal. In my career, I have experienced both forms of leadership. Informal leaders in nursing are those who are deemed clinically competent, as well as practice appreciative inquiry and emotional intelligence. Those who work along side them choose informal leaders. The informal leader is typically the go to person when there are clinical questions or judgments to be made. In times of change and uncertainty, the informal leader is watched by others to see how they react. This can often determine how those around the informal leader will react. Early in my career, I became an informal leader. In each position, I have quickly been placed in the charge nurse role. The charge nurse role is one that I have always taken seriously advocating for others when necessary. After five years of nursing experience, I took a position as an assistant nurse manager. Looking back, I can see that my maturity in that leadership role was lacking. I found that I focused on the power that I had been given instead of the people I worked with. I would venture to guess, that I was not respected as a leader at this stage in my career and in looking back there are many things I would change. This role did not last long for me and I returned to my bedside position. After that, I did not think that
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