Leadership As A Leader By John C. Maxwell

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Leader. What is a leader? Is the skill of leadership something a person is born with or can it be developed? A leader can be defined in a multitude of ways, there is no single definition for what makes up a leader. John C Maxwell describes in his book, Developing the Leader Within You, that leadership should be broken down into 5 different echelons. Relating it to the Army definition of a leader, they are similar in many ways. The both have the same foundation of what it is to be a leader and that is, influence. The ability to influence others is the most important part of being a leader in both, the Army’s definitions and John C. Maxwell’s definition. The definition that I would provide for being a leader would be similar in many ways, but there is also a few things I would add to differentiate myself from their definitions. Starting with the book, Developing the Leader Within You, Maxwell describes the hierarchy of leaders starting with “Position”. A position leader is a “stage one” leader. This means the person is a leader mainly because of the position they hold, usually a person of authority who tends to lead by intimidation. People tend to follow these leaders because they have to, not because of their influence over them or admiration for them. These leaders usually lack morale among those they are leading. The second tier Maxwell describes is the “Permission/Relationship” leader. This type of leader is moving more in the right direction in terms of the way they
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