Leadership As A Leader : Leadership

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This class has taught me much about leadership through the semester. Each chapter I learned something new about leadership. In this paper I will reflect on what I’ve learned chapter by chapter and how what I’ve learned has shaped my style of leadership.
Being a leader:
I never thought much about leadership prior to this class. I knew what leaders were in the sense of that they were the people in charge. That’s all I knew about leadership; leaders were people in charge. While that’s not necessarily untrue - leaders are people in charge - It was a rather shallow idea of leadership. Leaders are more than just people that are in charge; they have certain characteristics that define them. Moreover, I wasn’t aware of the different types of leadership - such as trait, ability, skill, behavior and relationship emphasis. Through learning about the different emphasis, I discovered that I view leadership as behavior (leaders are what they do) and a skill more than any of the other emphasis. However, I also discovered that relational leadership is my ideal type.
Recognizing leadership traits:
I was somewhat aware of the fact that there are certain traits that good leaders have, yet if asked I probably wouldn’t have been able to say what more than a few of those traits were prior to this chapter. I also thought that if there were certain traits that made a good leader, I would surely be lacking them. I didn’t find that to be quite the case, though; I actually learned that I had many of…
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