Leadership As A Leader Of A Country

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Leadership is a concept that many probably think is a clear-cut subject that is well understood and extremely recognizable. Many would picture an all-powerful individual in a leadership postion, such as a chief execuative officer (CEO) of a company or a leader of a country. These individuals, most people would identify as obvious examples of people who have qualties, skills, or traits that have set themsleves apart from “the common man” and propelled them into the positions they now hold. It would surpirse many to find out that leadership is not as obvious concept as commonly precieved. In fact, as these indiviuals begin to study the numerous theories and studies on leadership, a picture obscure and non-sensical would emerge leaving the individual feeling like they are no closer to understanding what a “leader” is then when they had started. This relatively unknown truth about the absract concept of leadership is best demonstrated by an analyses of two individuals with two unique views of leadership. The first individual was a telecommunicatations worker turned leadership theorist who resisted the commonly held beliefs of leadership during his life. His name was Robert Greenleaf (1904-1990) and he was a pioneer of what has become a commonly known and widely used strategy amoung some of most influetional leaders. This theory has come to be known as Servant Leadership. A broad description of servant leadership in Greenleaf’s own words is a follows: “The servant-leader is
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