Leadership As A Leader Or Training A Current Leader

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Executives tend to ask the question of what defines leadership upon choosing a leader or training a current leader. Leadership is an influence process in which individuals sway the thoughts and actions of other individuals in order to accomplish a set goal or task (Blanchard & Hodges, 2003). For that reason, a “leader is one who is in a position of authority or guidance, where he or she is responsible for the results that are demonstrated by those who are under his or her direction” (Blanchard & Miller, p. 10). An examination of the literature reveals that leadership effectiveness is intertwined with ones organisational performance (Howell & Avolio, 1993). As proposed by Du Brin (1998), “To be a good leader one has to make a…show more content…
The organisation is compromised of many factors in which it can be felt by the employees, leaders, clients and patrons. When these factors are compromised, the reflection can be seen throughout the organisation- productivity slumps, profit decrease, employee moralc. Schein (1999) describes culture to have three levels. The first level consists of artefacts which consist of what is seen, heard or felt in the group. The second level consists of espoused values. The third level consists of underlying assumptions or unconscious beliefs.
Every group, or culture, goes through a period of adjustment from its beginning until its establishment. Another way to view culture according to Schein (1999) is to think of it in terms of visibility and case of change. This organisations values and beliefs are at a very deep level where is not easily visible to people outside of the group. At a more visible level are the behaviours of the people within the organisation. This is a much easier to change, hence a way of dictating how a new member will fit in with the group. Upon a culture having been established in an organisation, changing it is almost impossible. It becomes a way of life where a major crisis will need to take place in order for change to take place.
Leaders can come in any shape or size, where good leaders believe that it is the performance of an individual
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