Leadership As A Skill That All Of Us

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Leadership is a skill that all of us have, but not all of us can define. We go throughout our everyday lives being lead, or leading ourselves, and we may not even recognize it. Leadership is something that some consider a unique ability that only few possess, when in actuality we can all do it. By observing and noting specific factors in leadership, you are able to craft your own definition of leadership, and recognize how it is everywhere in our lives. When attempting to define leadership, there is no true answer. Every individual has their own definition of leadership, with different emphasis’ across the board. Upon completing the “Conceptualizing Leadership Questionnaire,” my lowest score had to do with an emphasis on relationship, and the highest emphasis on ability. I really didn’t happen to have a score that was egregiously low or high, but after finishing the questionnaire and realizing what my answers entailed, I was a bit shocked. I had always envisioned myself having an emphasis on relationship, not a weakness with it. I had thought before that I considered ability to be important, so that really didn’t shock me that much. With relationship, I still believe that is an emphasis in my definition, but the questionnaire did make me reevaluate my views. By being able to define leadership, or at least understand each perspective, you can look and see how to lead and possible things you can do to lead. There is a significant amount of people who believe leadership is a
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