Leadership As A Team Success

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When working with a team success depends on how its leadership leads the team. Management is not the same as leadership. As usual, the more successful the leader the more successful the team, teamwork requires a good leader; their presence could adversely affect teamwork and vice versa (Thompson. 2014). “Great Man” theory. Leaders are born, not made. These theories of leadership become popular during the 19th century. The legend behind some of the world most notorious leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great gave so much to the concept that great leaders are born and not made. According to Thomas Carlyle, “the history of the world is but the biography of great man.” Effective leaders are those talented with glorious enthusiasm and the right appearances. In todays, world people often define outstanding leaders as having the right class or characteristics for the position suggesting that basic characteristics makes these people successful leaders (Cherry, 2015). Trait-based theory in some ways similar to the great man theory. The trait theory presumes that people acquire certain qualities or traits make them better suited to leadership trait theories usually recognize certain personality or behavioral characteristics that ae shared by leaders. Conflicts in the relationship among leadership traits and leadership success ultimately led scholars to shift patterns in search of new information for successful leadership (Scientific & Academic
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