Leadership As A Theory Of Leadership

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Literature Review The first research on leadership in 1910 gave rise to the notion those there certain individuals that have traits that they are born with that make them great leaders. That is natural born leaders as other are not born with such traits, however; much research followed to verify the 1910 conclusion. Max Weber identified charismatic leadership as a theory on leadership that was new and emerging, As per Max, charisma is a personal magnetism or charge in the sense that leaders are those that can attract others to them. While other concluded that leaders are not born, they are made (Malphurs, 2003). Leaders are made where a lot of effort and hard work is put, and this is the price of leadership, in other words, leaders are…show more content…
It is about speaking softly but carrying a big stick and it is obvious that what you cannot separate are leadership and learning. It is about learning to the condition in the sense that one can reveal a glorious and power inner self. Many people hold the truth that leaders are born to lead, and this is a notion made by a mysterious confluence of events or both de (Vries & Engellau, 2004). Personal view of the literature Research conclusively indicates that effective leadership is much more on specific principles that get easily followed by anyone and leaders that are effective depend less and less on an innate trait. Such research has prompted a lot of excitement in the sense that people can easily share the views of their purpose. However, there are many with their opinion on the matter (Gardner & Laskin, 2011). In history, we have seen the great leader, and one of them is General Hoyts. He and Vanderberg were one of the most dominant military commanders. He becomes the U.S Air force’s second chief of staff. General Vandenberg was not a natural leader this is per Commandant Cadets at West Point. In fact, there was one time he almost being dismissed from the Academy for his lack of leadership ability during his first year at the academy. However, he got counseling, and he took note and by the time he completed his training and graduated he was a very competent
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