Leadership As An Intangible And Conceptual Figment

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Leadership, as an intangible and conceptual figment, has no real methodology as to how to become a leader. There is no possession to own or geographical location to which, if one is present, they become suddenly available to the beckoning call of becoming a leader. Just as with currency, there is no intrinsic value in being a leader, except for the value that we ascribe to it, therefore deeming it a sought after trait. So how does one learn to become a leader? I would submit that we learn through stories. As far as I know, there has never been, and will likely never be a process to follow that “creates” leaders — but we do have the methods and disciplines and practices of others who have gone before us to guide us on our journey. By following, one can truly learn to lead. It takes a leader to point out the leadership potential in another, but it takes the diligence of that individual to determine the caliber of leader that they will be. I think that in this book, “Creating Magic”, we can glean so much practical yet profound knowledge from Mr. Cockerell, who, through decades of leadership experience, has funneled his knowledge down into a book of stories and anecdotes that accurately depicts the best way to grow as a leader. Personally, as a person slightly addicted to list-making, his writing approach, with a multitude of points and numbered thoughts that provoke one’s own personal application, makes for such a pleasing read. So without further ado, let me tell you a little…
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