Leadership As An Organization Directly Impacts The Employees And Business

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Having effective leadership in an organization directly impacts the employees and business. A leader is a person who can bring a group of people together in an effective manner to complete a specific task and or goal. I feel that good leadership is that backbone of an organization. In my professional life I have worked with a variety of mangers that were very different in there approach in management. With the different styles of leading a group or individual it can at times be effective and others not received well. A good leader is one who can accomplish the goals and respect those he or she is leading. In this paper I will further discuss the different styles of leaderships that can be found within organizations. According to Lamberton & Minor (2014), “Leadership is usually defined as the ability to influence toward the attainment of goals” (p. 160). Within each organization having a strong presence of leadership is instrumental it is success. Leadership has many functions within the structure of any business. According to Toussaint (2015), “Leaders need to adopt the habits of observing the workplace with curiosity, seeking to understand problems of frontline workers, and helping create positive change” (p. 313). Effective leaderships encourage employees to complete tasks, ensures that goals are completed, and team cohesiveness. According to the text there are four major leadership styles and they are autocratic, consultative, participative, and free-rain
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