Essay about Leadership Assessment

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Leadership Assessment
Arletta Kelly
Profressor Swinney
BUS 302
December 2, 2012

Analyze the Leadership style(s) of a Senior Executive (CEO, CFO, COO, DIRECTOR, etc.) In your current of Previous Organization who made a Positive or Negative Impact on you.

Tm Am international is a construction company with many branches and offices all over the world. It deals in building construction and civil engineering ranging construction of roads, bridges to hydro electric power dams.

Leadership is a social process of influence where a person can employ the support and assistance of other people in achieving the objective of a common problem or task at hand. Leadership involves
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An organization structure allocates responsibilities to different functions and entities such as finance department, marketing, human resources, sales and administration departments.

Organization structure provides the foundation for operations within the organization. It sets the procedures and determines which employees participate in what decision making process and to what extent their actions impact on the organization.

Tm Am construction has the chief executive officer at the apex followed by close to twenty site managers on the same position. Below the site managers are the site engineers, who are assisted by site supervisors and below them are the casual laborers.

The organization structure defines the role and position of each employee clearly. An organization structure that is not responsive to the needs of the organization will disrupt cooperation and affect the completion and targets of customer orders due to time lapses and misuse of limited resources (Foti, & Hauenstein, 2007).

The organizational culture and development was initiated by the chief executive officer at Tm Am Construction Company. It has promoted growth in terms of team work and employee satisfaction as members of one team. Organization of sports events and organized camp events has led to more integration and effective group work. These have spurred growth in the
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