Leadership Assessment

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MGMT 615
Leadership Assessment
Mary M. McMurrin
University of Maryland University College

Final Paper

In order for someone to be an effective leader, one would have to bestow certain skills and characteristics or some can be obtained over a period of time. Various assessments and questionnaires are designed to measure and give insight on certain skills or traits an individual may have. Some of those assessments include the skills inventory, leadership trait questionnaire, style questionnaire, leadership questionnaire, least preferred coworker, path goal, LMX, and the authentic leadership self-assessment. By conducting these questionnaires and assessments, not
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Due to the “human skills” that I naturally bestow, I am able to empathetically address needs of people in states of vulnerability while maintaining professionalism. I have to maintain relationships with my client’s, family members, care providers, and participating vendors within the community. I always have to show compassion for my clients and have empathy when necessary in order to build trusting effective relationships that are built on trust. I have to be dependable and a good listener in order to locate the services that are deemed to be beneficial for the client at that given time. My client’s need to be able to rely on the fact that I will come through and make sure that every need, fear, or question that the client may have will hopefully be resolved in a timely fashion. • Another example that exemplifies the scores that were evident throughout the skill assessments are how I deal with co-workers at work. We all have to work together and assist each other, when necessary, to locate resources for our client’s. We have to collaborate effectively while assisting each other with developing safe plans of care for every client. I have to be a part of a team of inter-disciplinarians that all bring a sense of knowledge and
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