Leadership Assessment

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Leadership Assessment Paper

This paper is primarily from the conclusions derived from the self assessments that were given through the online assignments for the course. The primary source that was used to measure these evaluations were completed from the Self-Assessment Library: Insights into Your Skills, Abilities, and Interests, book by Stephen P. Robbins, These evaluation tools measured things such as one’s creativity level to one’s optimism. While some of the results were expected, there were some results that completely took me by surprise.

I. What About Me?

A. What Is My Basic Personality? In the first assessment tool “What Is My Basic Personality?” the focus was on the five-factor model of personalities which
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Being optimistic will allow me to treat employees equally regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, etc. This is an extremely important asset because the workplace has and will always continue to become more diverse. G. What Motivates Me?
This motivation test consists of three different parts; growth, relatedness, and existence. I scored a twenty on both my growth needs and existence needs. This means that both those needs are substantially satisfied (Robbins, 2007 pg. 27). However, I only scored an eight on my relatedness score, which indicates that that particular part is substantially unsatisfied. That also indicates that need is unimportant. Nonetheless, I feel that the need to learn and growth is important while earning a good income. H. What are my Dominant Needs?
The need for achievement, affiliation, autonomy, and power are the four categories that are evaluated in this particular assessment. I scored a twenty-five, the highest score one can possibly achieve in this category, which means that I have an extreme desire to excel and improve on my performance. In the affiliation category, I scored a thirteen which means I have a moderate need to be socially accepted. In autonomy I scored a thirteen, which tells me that I have moderate need to be self-directed. In the final category, power, I also scored a thirteen and that shows that I have a moderate need to influence and direct others.

I. What Rewards Do I
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