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Liberty University Online The Leadership Assessment of Billy Graham A Paper Submitted to Dr. James Andy Wood In Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course The Life of the Leader CLED 520 By Brian A. Robinson 16 December 2011 Introduction to the Leadership of Billy Graham There are many different types of leaders and leadership styles throughout the many cultures of our world. Most are tied to one certain entity or cause. Although Dr. Billy Graham is tied to God, he is an example of leadership that spans across many different sectors. He has impacted the ministry of America by crossing lines of division among the churches as well as cultural traditions. He is motivated by love of God and that love is…show more content…
His relationship with his wife, Ruth, led him to face many barriers that he had to bridge in order to be more diverse. It started with Ruth and the denomination of her dad and is still going today. The relational spirit of Billy Graham resulted in him changing the name of one church that he was pastoring early on in order to bridge the gap of the demonization background of those in the town the church was located. Billy would go on to lose some supporters over some decisions he made like bridging the tensions between the Catholics and Protestants. As he lost some supporters, he gained some because he was bridging relationships that had gaps for minute reasons. Billy Graham’s action in bridging the gaps of division is a direct result of his love for God. As God is the perfect example of how people are to live in community, Billy Graham displays obedience to the will of God by crossing the lines of division and forming relationships. The love for God through obedience speaks for the love that Billy Graham has for himself as a child of God. One of the most impressive newsmakers that came from Billy Graham was his message to the Muslims after the 9-11 attacks. Dr. Graham was quoted as answering the question a news reporter asked him about what message he would send to the Muslim community by saying that God loves them and he does to. His answer to that question in a time when the Muslin community

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