Leadership At The Eisenhower School

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Leadership is about effectively influencing people; an endeavor that can be very challenging at times even for the most qualified and experienced leaders. My time at the Eisenhower School has allowed me to read and assimilate vast amounts of information about leadership. The white space during the school year has facilitated reflection on the results of my executive assessment, seminar discussions, and the various leadership presentations from strategic leaders. As a result, I realize there are strategic leadership concepts I have already experienced and applied. Self-awareness by attaining understanding of my own personality is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned. Cognizance of my temperament’s tendencies and those of…show more content…
The SgtMaj of a unit typically has a good understanding of the command climate and culture especially as it pertains to the enlisted personnel. After hearing the SgtMaj’s assessment and perspective of the unit, I would then share with him my leadership framework. My goal is twofold, first to attain a solid understanding of where the SgtMaj believes the unit is and second to achieve the SgtMaj’s buy-in on my leadership framework. The second meeting would be with the unit Executive Officer (XO). The XO typically has a good vantage point over the staff, and subordinate units. The intent of this meeting is very similar to the meeting with the SgtMaj. After meeting with the XO, I would meet with the unit personnel in peer groups. In these meetings, I provide a brief on my leadership framework and end with an opportunity for the participants to ask any questions. The groups are organized as follows: field grade officers, company grade officers, Staff NCOs, NCOs, and E-3s and below. The goal of meeting the personnel in this setting is to facilitate the expression of any concerns without individuals’ seniors or subordinates present. After meeting with the peer groups I would then meet with each and every staff member that I am either a primary or secondary evaluator for. The individual meetings with the staff are for soliciting perspective and input about the unit. After meeting with all the staff, I would meet with all the
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