Leadership Attributes Of A Leader

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Over the past few decades, leaders take an essential role in accordance to success, efficiency, and performance of their staff. There are copious and varied definitions regarding the perception of a leader, in addition to the term leadership. A leader has attributes of character, presence, and intellect. It shapes how an individual behaves and how leaders perform. Leadership attributes are internal to a leader. Not only, have these attributes included a large array of characteristics such as values, habits, motives, competencies, styles and even skills. These characteristics emphasize good interpersonal and communication capabilities, which is also obligatory in the military.
Having character is what separates you
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A person with character always follows through promises they have made. More importantly, respectable leadership is a positive example of being “a positive example and role model (Leggett, 2010)”owning the fact that; they stick to their promises in the pursuit of helping others. To benefit others rather you is a path to inner growth, seeing that by setting aside personal wants and needs to aid others to do the same. A leader of character will always seek to discover the truth, will decide what is right, and will clearly show the courage and commitment to act accordingly. Values Embedded to the consciousness of every person are the core values. It is the fundamental beliefs and guiding principles that dictate behavior and serve a foundation of your action. Acquired values can be a result of many life experiences: in school, work, home training or anywhere time is spent. Many things affect one’s values through culture, religion, and politics. “Personal values impact leaders in at least two ways: 1.) as a perceptual filter…shapes decisions and behavior, and 2.) as a driver of their methods of creating value (Lichtenstein, 2012).We all have different reasons on why they do things the way they do, by the same token, as to empathy. Empathy Understanding is an important role in characteristic, that in order to realize others, it is crucial to know what is already influencing them. This is where empathy comes in play;
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