Leadership Based On My Experiences As An Educator

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In common daily use of the dictionary, I believe there are hundreds, if not thousands, of words. These include obsolete and derivative words used daily within the English Language. Some of which, can be an insurmountable amount of adjectives. These adjectives describe both positive and negative attributes of an individual in today’s society. Words such as disciplined, personable, persistent, parsimonious, truculent and untrustworthy are to name a few. Now, of these adjectives, leadership remains to be a powerful attribute every individual must obtain. In this assignment, I hope to express some examples of leadership based on my experiences as an educator, according to assigned literature and how leadership shaped me according to my relationship with Christ. Throughout the span of my career, I’ve observed and witnessed some phenomenal examples of leadership. I’ve also fallen victim to some leaders, who’ve struggled with their understanding and their ideologies of what leadership. The styles of individuals can convolute a person understanding of who they are as a leader. As an educator, I’ve learned that leadership can be the “making” and/or the “breaking” difference between a successful or an under performing school. Strenuously, I’ve experienced leaders who extrinsically and intrinsically motivated their staff, who communicated well, set clear goals and expectations for each entity of the school. These leaders were selfless and cared about each student, family,
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