Leadership Begets Leaders

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Leadership Begets Leaders

Managing Organizational Change


It’s too often forgotten how success comes about for an organization or an individual. To sum it up in word – Change. Change provides growth and experience. It’s forever a learning process that while one can be confident of their skills it’s best to not leave those who were part of the change forgotten. For an organization such as MGM and LVS this means listening and learning from the changes and be aware of who and what makes these changes possible.

The Star Model™ design has been chose to represent and format the organizational changes at MGM Resorts International (MGM) and Las Vegas Sands (LVS). The Star
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The MGM Grand in Las Vegas (MGM) and The Venetian (LVS) have both recent undertaken renovations in their rooms, suites and restaurants. A reason for the needed renovations is an attempt to revitalize the glitz and glam status that made these resorts and Las Vegas the gaming capital of the United States. While both organizations are working to expand beyond the Vegas strip it’s imperative that their beginnings are not neglected. “MGM Grand began a $160-million room renovation in February [2012] which includes the property’s 3,570 rooms and 642 suites in the main tower.” Las Vegas Sands isn’t far behind with plans to “renovate approximately a thousand rooms in the Venetian”. (Wharton, 2012) It’s important to note that these ventures are consisting of large undertakings, large amounts of financial investments for the upgrade, and no revenue coming in from these rooms at that time. While this could cause demise for many organizations, history has proven for these investments to reap the benefits of a greater return rate. Renovations have been known to provide a “sea change” to take an organization from tired and lackluster to a primo destination. When in the pursuit of lodging excellency no resort is immune for renovations from time to time. These renovations can span many price points and it can only reap rewards from happier travelers who have better options available at their
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