Leadership Behavior From An Administrator Essay

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In simple words, public administration means looking after the citizens or managing their affairs. Public administration is a system that guides a citizen to achieve their goals in a proper way which increases public value, without decreasing an individual’s value. The works related to public administration need proper leadership behavior from an administrator. Public sectors maintain an upward form of hierarchy, so the command authority is needed from the leader to ensure efficiency of the public organization.
In order to achieve organizational goals, the process of influencing followers and sub-ordinates is called leadership in administration. A leader influences his/her followers through power influence and traits as a leader. A leader can influence the followers using his/her charisma, motivational drive, communication and social skills, wisdom etc to achieve organizational goals. There are many theories on leadership behavior that have developed and evolved over years. Some theories on administrative leadership are discussed here.
The Ohio State University study found that leadership behavior style can be based on two types-
1. People-oriented (Consideration)- when a leader shows concerns for the welfare of the members of the group
2. Task-oriented (Leadership structure)- when a leader thinks about increasing productivity of the group or organization
There are 4 types of leadership styles based on the two styles of behavior mentioned above.
• The first type of leaders
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