Leadership : Behavior Of Leaders And Personal Credibility

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Leadership is about behavior of leaders and personal credibility. According to Reineck (2009), leadership can be learned, practiced and improved. This means that leadership content does not change; the context in which it is practiced does not change. Therefore, it involves skills and abilities. People believe and accept the message when they believe the messenger. In leadership, different people exhibit different behaviors. Irrespective of the differences in culture, gender, age and other variables, some people still share similar patterns of behavior. When leaders are at their personal best, there are five core practices that is common to all: “they model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to Act,…show more content…
There is need to engage others on their common aspirations. Modeling the way short start with the clarification of personal values which involves building and affirming shared values that others can easily embrace. John’s leadership behavior is positive. Eloquent speeches about values are not actually enough to get things done. Exemplary leader like John knows that his behavior earns him respect. His words and deeds are consistent and team members do what he says. John sets the example and build commitment through the daily, simple acts; creating progress with momemtum. Inspire a Shared Vision Leaders are interestingly driven by their clear image of possibility and what their organization could become. They inspire a shared vision by envisioning the future and as well enlist others in a common vision. For instance, John is responsible for his team to win in a championship that the team had never won. He needed to inspire his team members with the vision he had. For this to work out, every one of the team members needed to share the same vision. He expalined how they had the ability to win and how the victory will make impact on their lives. Notably, leaders are not the people that set the goals; rather they help the people envision them as their own. Leaders surf around, figuring out the attractive opportunities that are available. Leaders believe they can passionately make a difference. They have the
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