Leadership Behavior

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Chrysanthos Neophytides
Chapter 07 & 08
Motivation Concepts and Applications
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1. How does achievement-motivated and affiliation-motivation influence behavior? Achievement-motivated is
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Employees who feel over-rewarded will feel an imbalance in their relationship with their employer. What kinds of actions might they take to restore balance? Given payment by time, over-rewarded employees will produce more than will equitably paid employees. Hourly and salaried employees will generate high quantity or quality of production in order to increase the input side of the ratio and bring about equity. Given payment by quantity of production, over rewarded employees will produce fewer, but higher quality, units than will equitably paid employees. Individuals paid on a piece-rate basis will increase their effort to achieve equity, which can result in greater quality or quantity. However, increases in quantity will only increase inequity because every unit produced results in further overpayment. Therefore, effort is directed toward increasing quality rather than increasing quantity.
8. What kinds of actions might under-rewarded employees undertake to reduce their feelings of inequity?
Given payment by time, under-rewarded employees will produce less or poorer quality of output. Effort will be decreased, which will bring lower productivity or poorer quality output than equitably paid subjects. Given payment by quantity of production, under-rewarded employees will produce a large number of low quality units in comparison with equitably paid employees. Employees on piece-rate pay plans can bring about equity because trading of
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