Leadership Between Public Health And Local Levels

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Leadership in public health splits into three main levels: federal, state and local. The federal level being the highest, has the governing power over the state and local levels. Leadership on the federal level comprises of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial. Spearheaded by the federal government, public health policies decision making, programs and projects funding flows down to the states and local levels. The variations that exist among the three levels of public health leadership are characterized by the strength, power and effectiveness at each level. Everything spirals down from the federal to the state and then to the local level. The grassroots or local level possesses achievement capabilities not found at the federal and…show more content…
The agency here is referred to as the State Health Agency (SHA). The leadership on this level feeds under the federal umbrella to develop and implement its health care programs as need be.
Local Leadership Local Boards of Health has members that are most often appointed. This board of health has been defined by Caron, R. et al (2014), as a legally designated body of appointed members who provide advice and /or governing oversight over the primary governmental public health agency and/or public health activities, to protect and promote health in the community. They form the link between the local health departments and its community by sharing vital information through communication pertaining to public health. They also review performances of the leadership of health departments in order to establish the approval of grant applications that are high priorities to the health of the public.
Roles and Responsibilities
Health programs are formed and funds are allocated at the federal level. The process of health bills passed into health laws emanates from the federal level. The executive, legislative and judicial branches all have parts they play in delivering the roles and responsibilities towards a healthy population. Agencies exist for different health aspects that contribute their quotas. All these agencies put together monitor disease control and prevention, substance abuse and mental services
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